Elderly Nutrition



Nutrition services assist older Americans to live independently by promoting better health through improved nutrition and reduce isolation through a program coordinated with other supportive services. Purposes are as follows

    1. 1. To reduce hunger and food insecurity;
    1. 2. To promote socialization of older individuals; and
    3. To promote the health and well-being of older individuals to gain access to nutrition and other disease prevention and health promotion services to delay the onset of adverse health conditions resulting from poor nutritional health or sedentary behavior.


Congregated Meals

Individuals eligible to receive a meal at a congregated nutrition site include: Individuals aged 60 or older and the spouses of those individuals, regardless of age, if the eligible spouse is or has been an active participant in the program.

  • 5 Days a week at the Herrin Center, Johnston City and Cambria
  • 4 Days a week at Creal Springs



Home Delivered Meals

Individuals eligible to receive a home delivery meal include: Individuals aged 60 or over who are frail and/or home bound by reason of illness, incapacitating disability as defined in OAA Section 102(13) or are otherwise isolated. The spouse of the older person, regardless of age or condition, may receive a home delivered meal if, according to criteria determined by the Area Agency, receipt of the meal is in the best interest of the frail and/or home bound person.

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