Social Services

Information and Assistance

This service provides information to individuals unpon request. If it requires the assistance of another WCPA department, or an outside Social Service Agency, the referral is made.
WCPA also assists with completing various application forms. Trained personnel and volunteers assist with Medicare, Medicaid, Energy Assistance, Income Taxes, and Insurance forms.


WCPA Outreach services are staffed by workers continually updated on current local, state, and national assistance programs. Home visits of county residence are made to identify their needs and assist them in getting the service to meet those needs.

SIU Legal Clinic

The Legal Services to Older Persons Program is part of the Legal Clinic at the School of Law of SIU at Carbondale. Senior law student, working under the direct supervision of experienced laywers, are provided the opportunity to provide legal assistance to persons 60 or older who reside in the southern-most 13 counties of Illinois.
Call for more information 1.800.673.6130