Cash Fare Structure

Our Drivers DO NOT make change, please have the EXACT fare when boarding.

  • Adult (over 11 yr. old) $2.00
  • Children* (6 to 10 yr. old) $0.75
  • Little Children* (0 to 5 yr. old) Free

*Children must be accompanied by an adult.

Discounted Tickets

Discount tickets are in books of 10.

Pink Tickets

  • Adult (under 60 yr. old) $10.00

Yellow Tickets

  • Adult (over 60 yr. old or disabled) $7.50

Green Tickets

  • Children* (6 to 10 yr. old) $3.75

*Children must be accompanied by an adult.

Transit Passes

30 Day Pass: Monthly unlimited trips within the RMTD existing routes.

  • Over 60 and/or disabled $15.00
  • Under 60 $25.00

Agency Contracts

Agencies are no eligible for discount fares and passes. Please contact a Rides Mass Transit District representative concerning agency contract services.

Special Service

RMTD provides comprehensive services to many destinations at times when most people travel. On occasion a customer may require transportation that is not a normal destination for RMTD and a special trip is needed. Please check with RMTD representative for more information and a fare quote.